Yes, we need answers

Your editorial on 26 September was perhaps one of the best ones I have read.

How truly ridiculous it is that officers from the UK Metropolitan Police Service have been here a year now and have accomplished so little while costing this country a whopping $1.67 million at the last count.

Surely they should have uncovered something more by now. And, why on earth are Stuart Kernohan and John Jones still receiving full pay at this country’s expense? It is all so sickening.

Worst still, the UK Met team then decides to arrest a very well respected judge in order to question him and then they release him shortly thereafter, which begs the question: was the arrest even necessary in the first place?

I highly doubt it.

In my opinion, it was a drastic and irresponsible decision to make this arrest.

No doubt this judge had important cases to hear that day, too.

Just imagine what all the litigators and their clients were thinking when they were told the judge for the case had been arrested!

Moreover, imagine what damage these headlines caused to our image overseas!

One really has to wonder if there are ulterior motives behind this investigation. In the interests of this country, it is time to wrap things up and stop wasting public funds.

Jennifer Hunter