Wacky hat show

A wacky display of hats made from grape leaves, plastic plates to Jamaican hard tack biscuits was the centre of attention at a recent Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and Fashion show.

The wacky Christian social held on the Pedro Castle grounds, was a good laugh for the 50 or so ladies attending the function held by member of the Frank Sound Church of God.

At the delightfully whimsical function, ladies wore fetching, outrageous and hilarious headgear. There were hats made from local utility bills, grape leaves, Lipton’s tea bags, fruits, hats with medication remedies and edible snacks.

The group sipped on tea out of china cups while enjoying home-baked cakes, sandwiches and biscuits and cheese while catching up on the latest Christian gossip from their church sisters.

To cap it all, Twyla Vargas original creation, made from dried grape leaves adorned with green grapes took first place. Karen Leslie’s Fire Side Tea Party’ was second with her hat made of tea bags, kettle cups and Jamaican crackers, Florence Solomon’s Cayman parrot bird design took third place.

The fashion show that followed was every bit as enjoyable as the parade of hats worn. Church sisters modelled some of the latest church attire.

Who says Christians can’t have fun. This group proved otherwise as happy laughter filled the air from jokes told by Ellen Peguero.