RCIPS still the best

The revelations in the Compass (Friday 3rd October) have been met with a mixture of astonishment and anger by many.

Astonishment that the police commissioner and a chief superintendent of police have been kept on required leave, despite the chief justice finding that they had not acted criminally, and anger that the chief investigator appears to have been contemptuous to the judiciary when obtaining a search warrant from a JP; after twice being refused one when applying to the chief justice in what appears to be very similar circumstances.

Add to that the cost both financial and to the reputation of the islands and we have a very unpleasant brew.

The financial cost we have to live with but we can be positive and ensure that our reputation is enhanced as a result.

Consider that a team of experienced and independent Scotland Yard detectives have been in Cayman for over a year, probing, sniffing, fishing and conducting covert investigations at a cost that runs into millions of dollars and have come up with the square root of not much more than nothing!

This proves that there is no deep-seated or syndicated corruption and that our police service and judicial system are as fair, honest and strong as we have always maintained.

So, members of our government, may I suggest we use this to our advantage through marketing and so ensure the money spent, thus far, is not wasted.

And, members of the RCIP, you have taken a few body blows on this but can take heart that your position as the best law enforcement body in the region is still intact.

Derek Haines, QPM, CPM