Inmates enjoy FC’s kindness

A healthy body keeps a healthy mind. This is the belief of most of the inmates at the Fairbanks Women Prison.

This was manifested by the fact of that around 12 of the 17 inmates at the prison participated enthusiastically when F.C. International planned and implemented a Physical Education Workshop at the Prison last month.

The sun shone in all its glory that morning as the team arrived at the prison gate.

The greetings from the inmates were overwhelming as they openly shared their appreciation, without any hesitation. Soon they were out in the scorching sun ready and willing to participate.

Under the direction of Elbert McLean, Technical Director and coach of the Bodden Town Football Club and his assistant Charlo McLean, a member of the national U17 football team, the session got underway smoothly.

An intense and invigorating two hours went by courtesy of numerous drills which included stretching, co-coordinating and discipline and also emphasised basic skills such as moving with and without the ball.

There were 15 minute water breaks to combat the stimulating morning sun. Each break was taken as time for reflection. Motivational talks were given with their theme being ‘planning for the future.’

Among the central ideas being discussed were putting the past in the past and shaping their future.

The motivational sessions were carried out by Benedict John.

The day climaxed with refreshments of pizza and drinks and inmates were also given mementos such as T-shirts and caps.

These were made possible and presented by FC International President Kennedy Ebanks.

Open emotions of appreciation were shown by the inmates. A musical interlude was presented.

The inmates thanked the team and expressed their hopes that this would not be a one time affair, but it would continue on a regular basis.

This was a unanimous wish by all present. The prison officers present also expressed their desire to see it continue on a regular basis.

McLean told the crowd he felt a sense of gratification and seeing their response made him happy to be able to bring some cheer to them.

Kennedy Ebanks said he was ecstatic at the opportunity to be part of this uplifting occasion. He hopes it was not just a morning to exercise but an opportunity to reform the inmates.

He went on to express his gratitude to the many generous donors who contributed handsomely to this venture. The tangible presentation was not possible without their donations.

‘The experience has brought about a genuine concern and desire to see change in these inmates,’ Ebanks said.

The Fairbanks camp comes off the heels of another camp held in Cayman Brac last month.

The camp, held on a newly constructed football field on the Bluff, was the official end of FC International’s summer camps.

McLean and three U17 national team players directed the roughly 30 youngsters who came out for the camp.

Motivational talks were also given at the camp and attendees walked away with a gift bag.

‘This has been a regular feature for the past five years. I would like to express my heart-felt thanks to all those who contributed. Some of you have contributed year after year and I extend my sincere gratitude to you all.

‘To the parents I say hats off to you as you have been an integral part over the years; without you there would be no camp.’