Report what you saw

I saw your article on the disappearance and subsequent (possible) murder of Estella.

I just have to share these few thoughts.

This incident breaks my heart in a million pieces as I knew Estella as a wonderful caring person who really believed in what she did, particularly for the youth and with families at the Crisis Centre.

It makes one angry that this could happen in such a beautiful place but even in its tragedy, I hope it brings our community back to its closeness where we once cared for each other and that we will all be our brothers keeper!

I don’t know if you can or will print this but this is how I feel. I am back in Turks and Caicos now but I cannot stop thinking of Estella and what she may have gone through that night.

I was in Cayman this past weekend when I got word that Estella was missing. Call it woman’s instinct or simple fear of the unknown but my heart sank.

There are some people who behave in a particular way that makes you say – oh that’s normal or that is no big deal – but when you learn that a woman of Estella’s calibre has not returned home and no one knows why, you don’t ignore that. A red flag is immediately raised in your mind that this is not normal behaviour for this person and you begin to do whatever you can to find her.

I am sure like many others – as news was circulated that shoes were found – a feeling of dread overcame me.

And then the worse was announced.

Ever since that moment I – this strong woman who everyone thinks can take care of your self – have been so numbed by the horror of this event that it prevents me from doing anything without thinking and praying that she did not suffer. Wondering why no one saw or heard anything and worse if they saw – why they did nothing! Why, why, why – many whys and hoping for answers!

Was this a random attack and if so – who is the evil person in our community, obviously capable of such malice.

While we would want everything to continue as normal in the community – it cannot! Who can we trust?

Can Cayman continue to be friendly to our visitors and smile and share with them as normal?

Can we continue welcoming people to our shores – as normal?

Can we trust our families and friends – as normal? Everything has changed!

If it was random – there is no one we can trust as we don’t know yet who did this evil, horrible thing! We will now all be suspicious of each other until this is solved.

If it was planned deliberately with Mrs Scott-Roberts as the victim – what does it say about this person? He, she or they are evil and they are in our community.

Will someone protect them from prosecution? Will we bungle the investigation that will allow them to get off if they are caught? Will we hold information that may help find him because we think it’s irrelevant?

There is nothing “normal” in Cayman any more as of Friday night!

I know some will say this is horrible and when it is solved we will forget it!

We can never forget and we can never be as carefree anymore.

Some of us work in some of the most dangerous environments and jobs. However, Cayman has always been a place of comfort and there are many, many things we take for granted. We feel that our neighbours will look out for us, we feel that our police force is amongst the best in the world; we feel that this is a small friendly place so we never imagine anything like this happening on our shores so while we are careful, this is the last thing we expect to happen.

My heart breaks for Rayal and the family of Estella.

There is nothing any of us can say or do to make his pain go away. I pray that family and friends will be there for Rayal and support him while he deals with this.

We will all ask why but God in his wisdom and mercy will bring peace and justice in due course.

I pray that the investigation into this matter will be thorough and meticulous with no stone unturned and all evidence carefully and methodically collected and checked and double checked.

I pray that when this person is brought to Justice that all the evidence will be airtight and he will not be able to manoeuvre his (her or their) way out of this.

Please everyone – anyone – who may have seen or heard something that night – don’t keep it to your self. Give that information to the Police.

You never know what that information may do.

My years at 911 have shown me that sometimes people see things and make assumptions – a couple having an argument in a car park maybe – and we ignore it.

Someone may have seen the struggle and assumed that this was one of those situations not realising the ultimate end of this story.

Please, if you saw something and are now feeling sorry that you did nothing – don’t pile up the guilt – tell the police what you saw.

May the soul of Estella Scott-Roberts rest in peace.

Juliette Gooding