Bodden Town mentoring kicks in

A local football club is spreading the sport to youngsters close to home.

Bodden Town Football Club held another back-to-school football camp for youngsters last Saturday at the Bodden Town Primary School field.

The club had put on another such camp the previous weekend at Savannah Primary School.

The camp was open to the public and the majority of the roughly 40 kids in attendance were from the Bodden Town area.

The camp was lead by BTFC Technical Director Elbert McLean, BTFC Coach Al Frederick and several players from the football team.

Some notable members of the football community were also present including BTFC President Mark Scotland and FC International President Kennedy Ebanks.

Youngsters at the camp were split up into small groups that went to various stations on the field that focused on a specific skill. The skills taught ranged from passing to dribbling to performing headers.

The camp went on from 8am-12noon and saw numerous breaks for the children. Aside from taking a rest from the sun the children also were given motivational talks, led by speaker Benedict John.

The talks centred on character building and on the idea of respect for themselves, others and the environment.

The camp included refreshments and gift bags for each participant. Both were made possible through the generous donations of ARCP Advanced Road Construction & Paving, Lookout Gardens Ltd, Professional Waste Management, Elrich Roofing, Dolphin Custom Cabinetry and C.H.E.S.

Elbert McLean of BTFC expressed his gratitude to the parents as he says without them there would be no children for the camps. He also thanked the members and supporters of the club.