Bodden rallies round Eclipzers

A local businessman and politician is helping to stir local netball.

Bodden Town MLA and owner of Lorna’s Texaco in Bodden Town Osbourne Bodden recently donated a cheque to the Bodden Town Eclipzers netball team.

The cheque was given to the club in the name of Lorna’s Texaco.

Bodden made the presentation to team manager Paulette Rhoden last week at her workplace.

The exact amount of Bodden’s donation was not disclosed but it will cover the cost of uniforms for the coming season.

The club has a couple of new players who will need uniforms. Squad members range from young teens to older women.

The majority of the players hail from the Bodden Town area.

Bodden’s contribution comes as the local netball season gears up for its 15 November start.

According to Rhoden the team has been practising hard for the coming season. She says the squad usually practises at the netball courts in Bodden Town during the evenings.

This year’s sponsorship is not the first time Bodden has helped the squad. Two years ago he gave them substantial funding and the side went on to win the league title.

Rhoden, who has been with the team since 1995, says she hopes history can repeat itself this year.

Bodden has also donated to other sports on-island. This summer Bodden sponsored FC International and their annual football camps.

For Bodden his contribution to netball is simply another way for him to help build up Cayman.

‘I’ve always been keen to help out with youth activities and elderly assistance wherever possible.

‘In helping local netball I feel I’m sponsoring youth sports and positive community activities in Cayman.’