Rain brings flooding concern

Low lying areas on Grand Cayman will be at danger of flooding over the next few days as a broad area of low pressure centred over the Gulf of Honduras slowly moves north-east.

1.1 inches of rain fell on George Town between 7pm Sunday and 7am Monday and the island continued to be pounded by heavy rains up until press time Monday.

Weather forecasters at Miami’s National Hurricane Centre described the low pressure area as ‘nearly stationary’, causing thunderstorms and disorganised showers over the region.

Locally, weather forecasts said Grand Cayman will continue to experience periods of heavy showers until Wednesday, depending on how fast the system moves.

‘Weather charts indicate that cloudy skies will persist over the Cayman Islands for the next few days at least,’ said acting Chief Meteorologist John Tibbetts Monday morning. ‘Periods of heavy showers leading to flooding of low lying areas are likely during this time.’

He added: ‘Satellite pictures continue to show an extensive area of cloudiness and showers covering the Cayman area in association with a broad area of low pressure centred over the Gulf of Honduras.

‘This area of weather is moving northeast leading to periods of heavy showers and flooding of low lying areas during the next 24 hours.’

Following Monday’s heavy overnight rains, police urged motorists to take extra caution on the roads amid reports of some roads being under two feet of water. Roads in West Bay were among the worst affected, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service said.