40 drivers caught in crackdown

Police arrested eight drivers and prosecuted more than 40 in a crackdown on traffic offences on Friday night and the early hours of Saturday.

The operation by the Traffic Management Unit involved 11 traffic officers and two Special Constables conducting road blocks in the George Town and West Bay Road areas at various times of the night.

Police also arrested eight for offences including driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without a licence and taking and driving away a vehicle without the owner’s consent.

They carried out 13 breath tests, five of which were positive for driving under the influence of alcohol.

‘On average, we arrest one drink driver every 24 hours,’ said Head of the Traffic Unit, Chief Inspector Courtney Myles.

‘Despite our targeted education and enforcement efforts in this area, it is incredibly disappointing to still see drivers getting behind the wheel after they have had a drink,’ he said.

Approximately 55 vehicles were checked during the operation.

Three people were caught not wearing seatbelts, nine other traffic tickets were issued and a number of drivers were warned for intended prosecution for offences including as driving without insurance and driving with an expired registration.

Police said they prosecuted one woman for carrying an 8-year-old child in her car without a seatbelt.

‘We will continue with these types of operations to ensure that people take road safety seriously,’ said Chief Inspector. Myles. ‘Every time you get in the car you need to think carefully about your safety and the safety of your passengers. Seatbelts save lives.’