Doing us a disservice

The change in the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (i.e. the politician in the UK with ultimate decision making power and responsibility for inter alia the Cayman Islands) confirms an issue on which we should focus.

Ms Meg Munn (a well intentioned former social worker) held the position for less than a year.

History tells up that rising politicians have little interest in and cannot wait to move on from the dead end of dealing with the Overseas Territories (whose residents rarely have the right to vote in the UK).

Far more exciting and vote catching is to handle education and the health services in the UK itself.

A similar comment can be made about the bureaucrats in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

No one is likely to get made HM ambassador to Washington, Moscow or Beijing if they sit too long engaged in the vestiges of colonial affairs. So the goal is to move on as quickly as possible.

The sad result for Cayman and other Territories is that the good people in London never stay long enough to understand or assist us and we get left with the second raters who at best do nothing and at worst often do us a positive disservice.

Tim Ridley

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