Cayman has lost its innocence

For nearly 30 years my family has travelled to all 3 Islands, mainly Grand Cayman.

We have become acquainted with the customs of the Islands, met many wonderful people whilst on Island, celebrated with joy the births, shared the sadness of a death of a loved one with Caymanian friends.

In short, we have adopted the Cayman Islands as our second home…sometimes it feels as if it is our first home.

The murder(s) we have seen reported in the Compass have dismayed us to say the least.

The recent death of Mrs. Estella Scott-Roberts is such a tragedy for the family and such an awful act by someone on our beautiful island. Our sympathies go to her family and all of our friends on Cayman.

What is happening there?

As many of us ‘long timers’ have experienced, at one time we did not lock our doors, left keys in our auto, felt completely safe in walking the beach or streets at any hour.

Unfortunately, the last time on Island (2007) we did not do these things.

It is such a loss of innocence that made Cayman so special.

Is this the reflection of a major societal change? I wish I had any answer for I miss the ‘old’ Cayman that ‘time forgot’…the innocent, charming–laid back ‘soon come’ place that stole my heart…With sadness…

Jerry and Patricia Burton