Four men face turtling charges

Four men appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday charged with taking a turtle during closed season and possession of a turtle from Cayman waters without a licence.

The defendants are Adrian David Ebanks and Adroy Daniel Ebanks, both 23; John William McLean, 51; Charles Edward Pars, 48.



No details were given in court.

Details in the charges are almost identical, although the men are charged separately.

They are all accused of taking the turtle during the prescribed closed season in the vicinity of Twelve Mile Banks on 30 September. Closed season runs from April through November.

The Ebanks brothers and McLean are further charged with possession of a turtle from Cayman waters without a valid licence on 30 September.

Pars is charged with having the turtle on 1 October without a licence.

All four men are described on their bail forms as fishermen.

They were directed to return to court on 11 November.

The dates of the charges coincide with a report by Department of Environment officers who found a female turtle aboard a local fishing vessel outside George Town Harbour on 1 October.

The female turtle was described by the officers as one of the largest they had ever seen, estimating its weight at around 400 pounds. A necropsy was scheduled to determine of the turtle was coming to Cayman to lay eggs.

Caption: Department of Environment officers Ronnie Dougall, left and Janice Blumenthal examine a deceased turtle found on board a fishing boat on 1 October.