Recycling answer

Cayman Free Press Ltd. puts a very high priority on the use of recycled papers in all its publications.

Indeed, the Caymanian Compass and Sunday Observer newspapers are printed on 100 per cent recycled fibre. The Cayman Islands Journal uses newsprint with an 80 per cent recycled content and all our magazine products that are printed locally use wood-free paper.

It is a simple business imperative for our organisation to ensure that it is conscious of the potential impact its products have on the environment here in Cayman.

To this end we, and other businesses, have been talking to the Department of Environment about how we can contribute to tackling some of the issues through recycling.

It is essential that Government should lead the way and partner with businesses and the general public in a workable recycling plan. Unfortunately, the Government’s plans have been proceeding at a snail’s pace and there is not much the Government will to make things happen.

Although it is disappointing that old newspapers and magazines are still adding to the landfill, we are pleased to assure you that a lot of trees are not being cut down to produce our popular publications.

We hope you and others will be more vocal, and badger Government to be more responsible and take urgent action!

Tammie C. Chisholm