Everybody’s Business a hit

November marked the sixth month of the highly successful educational campaign developed by the Cayman Islands Financial Services Association in partnership with the PR Unit of the Portfolio of Finance.

The goal of ‘Everybody’s Business’ programme was to inform the general public about the varied contributions the financial sector makes to Cayman’s economy and culture, and also the great opportunities that are available to young Caymanians should they choose to pursue a career in financial services or the other service companies that support the industry and its people.

The programme has featured a travelling display that many of the highest profile businesses and government agencies in Cayman volunteered to host for a week at their location.

At numerous public speaking events, industry leaders and successful young Caymanians have shared their experiences with audiences at schools, community groups, youth counselors, and professional associations. There have been appearances on many of the most popular radio and television networks.

All of this was supported by paid advertising in the two daily newspapers and several radio stations.

At the center of the campaign is the website, www.everybodysbusiness.ky, which acts as a central resource for anyone seeking information about the financial sector in general, or is interested in pursuing a career in it.

Each month two CIFSA members donated the funds required to operate this programme. The sponsors for November are dms Management Ltd. and the Cayman Islands Insurance Association. Over the course of the six month campaign other sponsors included: dms Management Ltd, Cayman National, KPMG, Julius Bar, Aon Cayman National Insurance Brokers, Deloitte, Butterfield Bank, Cayman Free Press, and Cayman NetNews.

‘We are proud to be a part of this important effort,’ said David Bree of dms Management Ltd.

‘It is essential that every Caymanian realize what an important part of our islands’ economy and society that financial services has become over the last 20 years. And that it is something that has to be nurtured and protected, just as we would our reefs and beaches and natural assets.’

Nigel Twohey of CIIA agreed, adding ‘The Everybody’s Business programme strikes a good balance between promoting the opportunities the sector provides while also making it clear that nothing can be taken for granted and we must all be proactive in taking the correct steps to protect the industry from potential threats and to position ourselves personally for success in the industry.’

‘Everybody’s Business’ will be taking a short break while CIFSA evaluates alternatives for creating an ongoing educational programme. In the meantime the website will remain active so people will continue to have access to this important information.

‘The campaign was originally set to run for six months, but the response has been so positive that CIFSA is considering ways we can maintain the programme over the long run’ said Eduardo Silva, CIFSA Chairman.

‘There is obviously a need for this information to be distributed to the public and we want to see that need is met.’

For information on the programme contact Michelle Carter at 623.6700 or visit the www.everybodysbusiness.ky website.