Who’s next in the investigation?

Is it just me or does the sudden and unexpected sacking of Commissioner Stuart Kernohan leave a very nasty taste in your mouth?

It also sounds to me like the powers that be could not get rid of Mr Kernohan for doing his job with great honour, pride and integrity, so have decided to sack him for failing to return to the Cayman Islands! He has no job to return to and the investigation is clearly not going anywhere so why?

Is this a desperate act to justify an extremely weak and poorly managed investigation, which, let us not forget, is costing the Cayman Islands an extortionate amount of Cayman money on something that doesn’t appear to have progressed any further than the day that the Met Team came onto the Island?

Maybe they have in their eyes, but has anyone other than Mr Dixon been interviewed for the allegation that they are being accused of and if not then why isn’t anyone asking the blatantly obvious question, why not? They would have you believe that it was because Mr Kernohan was refusing to enter the Cayman Islands. In fact they would have you believe a lot of things that they have happily published in the media in a disgraceful attempt to discredit and undermine the exemplary standing that is Commissioner Kernohan.

The Government also tried to kick the man while he was down and accused him solely of being responsible for the helicopter fiasco, which has since been proven not to be the case. Is it sounding more like a witch hunt? It would be highly embarrassing for them all if they had to allow Mr. Kernohan and Mr. Jones back into office after such a lengthy investigation, which clearly should never have been started, but by all accounts should have been concluded a long time ago.

Now Mr Kernohan, Mr Jones, and their families have had to endure eight months so far of what can probably only be described as pure hell; not knowing if tomorrow is the day that they finally get their jobs back and can resume their lives without further distress to all around them. Now, some might say ‘what is the problem they are getting paid’. Well there is a huge problem as no other police force will ever touch either two men as a result of a completely farcical investigation, which appears to have no real merits. This to me is absolutely tragic as they have a lot more to give! Their only crime was doing the right thing. They sought the advice of the powers that be for the actions that they took, so why are these individuals not be treated in the same way?

Now Mr. Kernohan appears to be fighting back and the powers that be are extremely upset and disappointed by his actions to air such correspondence in the media, but surely they have left him absolutely no choice other than to defend his good name and stop the vicious rumours and gossip. Mr. Kernohan even asks for his job back; is this the sign of a guilty man or one who still believes in a fair trial and still has faith that he will wake up from a living nightmare to continue doing a job that he is passionate about?

I am sure that Mr. Kernohan and Mr. Jones wish that they had just ignored the highly sensitive and seemingly dangerous allegation of corruption within the RCIPS as they would not be in the position that they are in today. However, if they did that then they wouldn’t be the men that they are today and would be doing the Cayman Island a disservice. I am sure if they failed to follow protocol then they would be investigated for corruption. Oh but they are for doing the right thing confusingly.

Please let us not forget that Commissioner Stuart Kernohan and Chief Superintendent Jones came to Cayman to serve and protect each and every one of you, and in my opinion were really rebuilding some extremely damaged bridges, reducing serious crime dramatically and moving the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service in a direction that would have made them stand out above all the other Caribbean Islands, making them the envy of most.

What happened?

They did the right thing! It seems to me that there has been a large amount of miscommunication or is it just a case of them only giving you what they want you to believe. One thing that was disappointing when this all came about was the fact that it wasn’t fully disclosed or we were led to believe that it was the higher beings that made the decision to bring the Met team in, but in fact it was Mr. Kernohan and Mr. Jones who had in fact approached them.

Now by anyone’s standard and owing to the nature of the enquirers, that to me don’t need any further investigating, it seems outrageous that they didn’t reach the finale months ago. All I have seen or heard are words, but no real progress. In the time that they have taken to reach to this point, again I reiterate is nowhere, there have sadly been many serious crimes of which have been thoroughly investigated and concluded. Why are they refusing to ask the pertinent questions such as ‘how much is this costing us’? ‘When is it likely to be concluded?’ ‘Why hasn’t anyone been interviewed for it?’ etc, etc. Why is no one asking questions? Why is the Government not demanding answers and an end to the expensive fishing expedition? Although I have heard and read many times that they are going to interview them both as a way of an update, so why haven’t they? They are happy to discuss anything that will throw a bad light on these officers, but not the real questions.

I will finish my rant just to say that I believe that as a result of these senior officers doing the right thing and a team staying on such a beautiful island, they have prolonged and procrastinated a ludicrous investigation, even involving a judge of all people, and in the end they had hoped that Mr. Kernohan would leave without so much as a whisper. These are British officers investigating British officers in the Cayman Islands and it is about time that the Cayman people started to ask the questions and demand the answers. As I said before, it would be highly embarrassing for all to give Mr. Kernohan his job back as they would have to admit that they were wrong in the first place, that they have cost you a lot of money and this investigation should have never stated. The reasons for his sacking are laughable if it weren’t so true. It is quite astonishing that they would use such an excuse of not coming to the Cayman Islands so they assume he no longer wants his contract – but he does and has done since the day he was removed so abruptly from office and I do feel that they have waited for every opportunity to try to rid them of this outstanding man. They can now move onto Mr. Jones and I predict that they will allow him to slope away as long as he stays quiet.

There are far too many unanswered questions and I fear that they have concentrated far too much time, effort and money on the wrong people. Shame on you I say. Three top cops, a judge; who’s next??

Craig Mock