Women’s wing opened

The Caribbean Haven’s new residential Women’s Wing recently opened.

Minister of Health and Human Services, Anthony Eden, in association with the Department of Counselling Services, recently organised a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the wing.

New Women's Wing

From left, Department of Counselling Services Director Judith Seymour, Minister of Health Anthony Eden, Governor Stuart Jack and Chief Officer Diane Montoya cut the ribbon at the new Women’s Wing. Photo: Submitted

Other notable guests included: Governor Stuart Jack, Ministry of Health and Human Services Chief Officer, Diane Montoya, the Ministry’s Deputy Chief Officer, Leonard Dilbert, Department of Counselling Services Director, Judith Seymour.

‘Caribbean Haven’s new women’s wing is a reflection of our unwavering commitment as a government to make effective, affordable and accessible treatment for drug and alcohol problems available to everyone,’ said Mr. Eden.

Ms. Montoya said: ‘The Ministry’s vision, Optimal Wellbeing for All, is about believing that there is potential in everyone, and that those who fall outside the accepted norms at some point in their lives can be rehabilitated to become healthy and productive citizens.’

Mrs. Seymour said: ‘Opening this wing represents a significant step in our journey to improve drug treatment and rehabilitation services in Cayman. This will ultimately help to improve the wellbeing of all people in our islands.’

The fully-equipped addition will offer residential treatment programmes, adjusted specifically to women’s needs, to as many as 12 residents at one time.