Walkers grooms Mo Bros

A group of Walkers’ attorneys recently participated in Movember to raise money for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

The 24 Walkers’ participants were sponsored to grow moustaches for charity and raised a combined sum of approximately CI$3,500.

Walkers’ Mo Bros grew and groomed their ‘staches throughout the month in anticipation of the recently held Mosquerade Ball.

Walkers’ associate Matthew Taber celebrated victory in the Best Trucker Mo 2008 category at the event.

‘It has been a great effort from all the Walkers Mo Bros in Cayman and around the world,’ Mr. Taber said.

‘I’m proud to have been voted Trucker Mo’ 08 and it made some of the humiliation worthwhile.’

Joss Morris, the associate at Walkers who coordinated the firm’s participation, said: ‘There is a theory that sporting ‘staches going forward will increase the gravitas of us Cayman Islands lawyers and convince our clients that we do not just wear shorts and work from laptops on the beach.’

The Walkers Cayman Islands Movember team consisted of: Joss Morris, Gerard Milne, Matthew Taber, Philip Dickinson, Patrick Colegrave, Patrick Head, Richard Addlestone, Tim Buckley, Andrew Miller, Martin Davies, Justin Hart, Julian Black, Philip Paschalides, Barnaby Gowrie, Richard Munden, Alasdair Foster, Nick Rogers, Greg Barwick, Rolf Lindsay, Andre Helsloot, Ramesh Maharaj, Julian Ashworth, Philip McGhee and Johan Bear.

The Walkers’ Mo Bros gained further international recognition when Matthew Cowman, an associate in the firm’s British Virgin Islands office was included in the Tachetastic Top Six from online legal publication Roll on Friday.

Mr. Cowman went on to claim the title of the World’s Best Moustache.