Students sign on for e-mentors

A new offering building on the partnership between the University College of the Cayman Islands and the Cayman Islands Society of Professional Accountants will assist accounting students through its new e-mentoring programme.

Already, CISPA assists UCCI by organising work experience for Accounting Certificate Students, providing guest lecturers to AA and BSc Accounting classes, sponsoring the Pipeline campus magazine, and conducting UCCI CISPA outreach sessions.

Last academic year saw the launch of the CISPA Key Mentor programme which paired a CISPA member with a group of three to six students.

‘The programme was quite successful and met the outcomes intended,’ said UCCI Head of Student Services Mary Anne Cannon.

This year, CISPA and UCCI are pairing up again to offer the e-Mentor Programme.

‘It was determined that students would benefit even more via a one-to-one mentor programme rather than the group venue established in the Key Mentor programme,’ said Ms Cannon.

‘We have designed this to give students easy access to an industry professional who will assist them with course projects, test preparation, information for pursuing professional designations and, employment opportunities.’

Organised by CISPA membership chair Charles Bolland, Ms Cannon and UCCI accounting lecturers Annette Murphy and Ansel Tempral, e-mentoring permits students to meet, or chat via e-mail, with their mentors to discuss class and homework assignments, test preparation, mapping out a career path and trends of the local and global accounting industry.

‘They will also be forming an advantageous relationship with an accounting professional that may be able to assist them with future employment,’ said Ms Cannon.

So far, 27 students and 40 CISPA members have expressed interest in the initiative.

Ms Cannon explained she and Mr. Bolland will consult on the mentor-mentee matches, and Ms Cannon will host the selected CISPA mentors for a training session in January.

Following this training session, the students will meet their CISPA member during a breakfast launch Thursday January 15. Once the matches are made students will have direct and immediate access to an accounting mentor to assist them with test preparation, course projects and employment opportunities.

‘We are excited to offer students another CISPA/UCCI Partnership in Education initiative. The Accounting students involved in this pilot programme are focused and ambitious. They are ready to jump on board for experiences that will enhance their academic and career path,’ said Ms Cannon.

Ms Cannon says she’s already seeing enthuseasm on campus and within the community about the initiative.

‘It’s a recipe for success for UCCI to deliver skilled, marketplace ready candidates for the local and global accounting industries – a mutual fit for everyone.’

Ms Cannon and Mr. Bolland will be monitoring progress from both the students’ and mentors’ perspectives.

An exit survey will be conducted when mentor relationships are terminated to provide feedback and data useful for programme improvements.

For more information, contact Ms Cannon at [email protected]