Pampered and empowered

Women attending a retreat at the South Sound Community Centre earlier this month indulged in a weekend of pampering and motivation.

The opening on Friday evening, 5 December, involved a happy hour session that included a round table discussion with the featured speakers – organisational expert, human resources specialist and life coach Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe, and motivational speaker Nerissa Golden from St. Maarten.

Dr. DeFoe asked several key questions that left all the women in the room with their hands up. She said when people go through life not taking care of themselves and not valuing their own abilities they are walking with their hands up being uncomfortable, in pain and incapable of fulfilling their dreams.

On Saturday’s session, the retreat organiser Catherine Tyson began the morning by encouraging women to honour themselves and take time out for that special woman in the mirror.

She used cards that gave each woman a self-love assignment for the coming week to reinforce this concept.

Ms Golden provided strategies for ‘Pursuing Good Love’, from her upcoming book that involves a woman preparing herself for the love of her life with first loving and accepting herself and having something to offer her potential mate.

There were three breakout sessions, led by each speaker that allowed the women to choose the one they wanted to attend and were whisked away to the private areas provided for just that.

Dr. DeFoe talked about the ‘Seven Keys to Soulful Living’, from her book, and discussed how to become a woman of destiny and unleashing the greatness within. The women in this group enjoyed a time of laughter and energy that lifted the morale to soaring levels.

Ms Golden led the group on women and money and discussed the importance of how a woman needs to take care of her finances as she plans ahead for her future.

Ms Tyson led her group through a forgiveness session that involved looking at oneself and letting go of hurts that are holding back the individual.

A panel of men explained that although males will always be prone to look at other women, maturity and a commitment to their woman is what keeps them from straying.

Moderated by Ms Tyson, economist Francis Arana, facilities manager Thomas Ebanks, and specialist Dr. Clarence Charles fielded questions in the afternoon from the women in relation to sex, the need for more communication and unfulfilled expectations and were very candid in their responses so each of the sexes walked away feeling relieved that, in fact, no one was actually crazy.

To top off the day, pampering stations were set up for pedicures and manicures, facials and makeovers, including hair styling from Alyssa’s Beauty center, and massage beds were in place to relieve stress.

‘This day far surpassed my expectations, it was much more that I ever expected and I am so glad to have been a part of it. It was simply just amazing,’ said Denise Tibbitts.

Debbie Rankine wondered how they would be kept busy but exclaimed at 3pm that the day had flown by.

‘I am glad that I took this day for myself and I thoroughly enjoyed it’ said Christy McKenzie of Apex Video Solutions.

For more information on upcoming events please contact Catherine Tyson at and look out for her first book entitled I’m Somebody’s Mama, due in early 2009. Nerissa Golden can be found on and for Dr. Anita Defoe’s book on Soulful Living and her new novel, Tropical Escapes, please contact Catherine Tyson.

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