Spreading Christmas cheer

The Savannah/Newlands Community Development Action Committee’s annual Seniors Citizens Christmas Party has always been a popular event for citizens.

seniors savannah

Paulette Conolly gets a sweetheart kiss from Santa.

‘It is a way of thanking the seniors for all they have done for the community over the years, and to share the joy of the season with them,’ said CODAC chairperson Heather Bodden.

This year, nearly 50 seniors attended the party and tree lighting event held in the beautifully decorated roadside park across from the Savannah Countryside Shopping Plaza.

Participants were served a holiday meal by ladies from the Lions of Tropical Gardens and CODAC volunteers.

As always, the lighting of the Christmas tree and the arrival of Santa Claus passing out candies and hearty kisses, never fails to put a cheery grin on the faces of seniors.

Funding for the event comes from people in the community.

‘Without the tremendous support of our community, we would not be able to do wonderful things such as this,’ said Ms Bodden.

During the evening, after the Christmas tree was lit by 93-year-old Abshire Bodden of Savannah/Newlands, the group was led into caroling by Elme and Danny Ebanks.

Bodden Town Cabinet Ministers Anthony Eden and Charles Clifford, as well as MLA Osbourne Bodden added their greetings and well wishes for the New Year.

Their request was for those gathered to remember the people in Cayman Brac, as well as others who had lost loved ones in the community.