Torres juniors on the up

The junior tennis programme under the watchful eye of Eduardo Torres has found a new home.

It’s at the luxurious, new Camana Bay courts. The juniors previously had to make the trek out to Edward Bodden’s house in Prospect.

‘I am training here all the best kids on the island, nine of them, plus one kid from England, George Walker,’ said Torres.

‘The national team will actually be six but they are all training with me.

‘They did really well in the recent tournament at the Ritz-Carlton, winning most of the categories that they were entered.

‘They are all keeping up their training and hopefully in January they will be good enough to go to the States for events.

‘We thank Dart Management for allowing us to use these courts at Camana Bay. They’re much better than Eddie Bodden’s – more central, two courts, better facilities.

‘So far, so good. Hopefully, in the future we’ll keep this going and more competitive players.’

Torres has high hopes that some and even all his youngsters will eventually get tennis scholarships to the States. The first he is grooming for that achievement is Patricia Villarroel.

Jeff White is the manager of the Camana Bay facilities and we’re really grateful to him for letting us use these facilities.

Wight said: ‘Eduardo has a good junior programme. Next year I want to work more with Eduardo and Warren Urquhart (another tennis coach). Camana Bay serves as a home for tennis and as I’ve just started in the job I have a lot more marketing and events.

‘The pool is almost finished and once we start up again after the Christmas break a lot more will be happening there.’

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