Use of UK lawyer unwise

As a recently retired UK police officer I find it amazing that UK Metropolitan Police officer Martin Bridger should rely on legal advice provided by a UK lawyer.

Surely reference to a Cayman Islands law book would have immediately provided him with details of his arrest powers in respect of any offences he believed may have been committed. As a result, his actions, and those of the inept UK lawyer are going to cost the people of the Cayman Island dearly.

I assume that the current acting commissioner of the RCIP has some disciplinary sanctions that he can take against the defaulting special constables and, if so, I suspect that the elected representatives of the people of the Caymans will demand that such action should be taken.

As an aside, I assume that HE the Governor took steps to ensure that the special constables in question undertook an appropriate course in Cayman police law prior to arranging their attestation as such before a justice of the peace. If he did not ensure that this took place, then I would suggest that he too is very much at fault.

As an impartial observer the impression given by the government of the Caymans (i.e. the Governor) is one of total ineptitude.

The London Metropolitan Police have, in recent years been embroiled in so many bodged and controversial incidents here in the UK that any overseas government would be most unwise to even consider asking them to undertake the simplest enquiry let alone a politically sensitive one such as that currently taking place in the Caymans.

Dave Wilkinson