Latest sport seeks net gains

The newest sports association on the island has made inroads into the Cayman sporting scene.

The Cayman Islands Table Tennis Association attracts many at the George Hicks canteen on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as on Saturday mornings.

Players, both male and female, range from as young as 10 up to the more ‘mature’ players, covering all skill levels from beginners to the more seasoned competitors.

From the mixture seen table tennis truly is a sport with wide appeal to all ages, both genders and all levels or experience.

In addition to the sizzling at the George Hicks campus, First Baptist Christian School is also saw the first After School Table Tennis Club take shape with students taking up the sport and increasing their skills on a weekly basis.

The students led some of the warm ups, doing a variety of drills, watching awe-inspiring videos of international competition and taking up their own racquets and competing on the boards amongst each other.

They each showed tremendous progress over the course of the Fall term and are anxious to continue again in the new year.

CITTA President Peter Smith was able to visit First Baptist and see the ‘Baptist Barracudas’, the name the students gave to their club.

Smith was greatly impressed with the enthusiasm and progress in their new sport.

‘It is great to see the students taking up the game at this early age so that they can build on their eye-hand coordination, which will carry over to many other sports and activities as well,’ he said.

Smith also told the students of an incredible story about reflexes, a mosquito and a pair of scissors.

With plans of holding tournaments in 2009 for both adults and students, the association is now accepting memberships from anyone interested in learning the game or coming out after not having played for some time.

‘We want to make it a fun and exciting experience,’ Smith said. ‘We invite everyone to come out to the George Hicks campus on any given Saturday in January to check out the game, pick up a racquet, (table and balls are also provided), from 10am until noon and give it a try.’