Today’s Editorial January 12: Family Matters is about you

Those who live in the Cayman Islands know all too well about the high cost of living, balancing budgets and making ends meet.

That’s good, because many are forecasting this New Year to be even more economically challenging than 2008.

While we haven’t felt the full-on effect of the global economic crisis, we all know of family, friends and acquaintances overseas who have either lost their jobs or are anxious about their futures with their employers.

Many businesses here in the Cayman Islands are taking this new year and the gloomy forecast for the economy to insist that we and our employees work smarter in ways of multi-tasking and practicing good time management skills.

We at the Caymanian Compass are going one step further.

Beginning today each Monday’s Compass will offer a new feature called Family Matters.

The title was chosen because family does, indeed matter.

In it our readers will find helpful hints on running their busy lives while balancing a budget.

They’ll see columns from experts on all things family – from choosing the perfect day care for a toddler or an elderly parent to getting organised at home.

We know many families have two working parents who have to juggle the job jungle during the day, make sure Johnny and Susie are taken care of after school and come up with a good, quick nutritious supper before attending meetings or sport functions. For single parent families the daily struggle can be a nightmare.

Family Matters will offer some good nutrition advice, a quick supper menu and shopping list. It is our hope to get some of our supermarkets and take-out restaurants on board with this section.

Most of all, though, we want Family Matters to be your section.

We need input from our busy readers.

Got ideas for what you think needs to be included? Jot them down in an email to [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected].

We welcome your input and ideas.

The Family Matters section is replacing the weekly TV Guide, which had been in the daily Monday paper.

You will still get the TV listing for the day in the back of the Monday paper and the weekly listing in Friday’s Entertainment section.

We think those two offerings are easier to navigate and that the space in the Monday Compass could better be used to help you, our readers.

Yes, 2009 is probably going to be a bit more economically challenging than others in the past and we want to help you get through it.

Even if we don’t experience the economic woes that are predicted, it’s always wise to work smarter whether on the job or at home.

Give us your thoughts and ideas. We welcome them.