Set for some Argie bargie

The Cayman Islands national cricket team left for Argentina on Sunday for the ICC World Cricket League Division 3 tournament.

If they finish in the top two of five teams they will be admitted to the World Cup qualifiers.

Bermuda is about the same size as Cayman and they reached the World Cup finals in 2007 so there is every incentive for Cayman to do well.

Newcomers include Kevon Bazil, Kervin Ebanks, Alessandro Morris, Ricardo Roach, Ramon Sealy and Omar Willis, all promising youngsters who have lifted their game recently.

Captain Pearson Best said: ‘I’m optimistic we can win this. We have one or two new players who we hope can produce the goods. We have an excellent chance of topping the standings.

‘Our trip to Jamaica last week was a chance for the newer members to get two matches against better opposition and it was a great learning experience for them. Hopefully, they can take something out of it.’

Technical director Theo Cuffy said: ‘I’ optimistic too. We have no knowledge of the other teams, especially Argentina and although we’ve lost to three of the other teams, we’re not entering with a negative attitude. We’ll give it our best shot.

‘Going to Jamaica did them the world of good. They have been working hard for the past six months and are fully prepared. The Jamaica trip helped sort out little areas in their technique that needed correcting.’

Squad: Kevon Bazil, Kevin Bazil, Pearson Best (captain), Ryan Bovell, Kervin Ebanks, Steve Gordon (vice-captain), Ainsley Hall, Keniel Irving, Saheed Mohamed, Alessandro Morris, Ricardo Roach, Ramon Sealy, Kenute Tulloch, Omar Willis. Stephen Best (manager), David Ross (trainer), Theo Cuffy (manager)