All Stars dust Eclipzers

Local netball continued ahead with more compelling games last week.

All Stars obliterated Bodden Town Eclipzers A 60-7 in division one action while Storm B took down Bodden Town B 20-8 in division two.

The matches took place last Saturday on the netball courts at Truman Bodden Sports Complex from 6:30pm onwards.

Both games were part of the Cayman Islands Netball Association Senior Women’s League.

All Stars had the game under control from the opening quarter and by half-time had a commanding lead.

The offense sent in shot after shot and AS could not miss on the night.

The attack was lead by Goal Shooter Nicola Williams and Goal Attack Pauline Bodden. Both caught the ball in good positions to score, showed solid shooting form and their shooting touch did not waiver.

Those players got the ball courtesy of focused passing and relentless footwork from Centre Lyneth Monteith and Wing Attack Adena Miller.

The BT defense meanwhile struggled to handle the onslaught. With almost all the passes on target and scoring chances coming in on a frantic pace it would be an uphill battle.

Goal Defense Marcia Robinson, Goal Keeper Shereen James and Wing Defense Kimolyn Martin were constantly on their toes as they tried to stifle shots. But the constant pressure would tire them and by halftime it was obvious they needed a break.

The second half would see more of the same as the AS attack kept coming while BT could not get the offense in gear.

As the final two quarters showed, the AS defense was as dominant as their attack.

Wing Defense Avril Myers, Goal Defense Wanda Faud and Goal Keeper Kristen Miller held the line and were unfazed by BT’s pressure. They kept their hands active and the result was many tough shots and passes that were broken up for BT.

The result would be a frustrated and demoralised offensive unit for BT. Goal Shooter Carolee Bolton, Goal Attack Sharmaine Anderson and Wing Attack Keneisha Morris seemed to work in vain as almost every scoring chance was unsuccessful.

Centre Tinia Ricketts and subs Janice Morrison and Carrie Barnett would be equally discouraged as they failed to make an impact on the game.

Even with the game well in hand AS continued to play hard. Subs Colleen Shields, Caroline Reid and Molly-Ann Moore came on and didn’t miss a beat, hustling for passes and outworking the BT players.

With the win AS continue to be frontrunners in the division while the loss has BT slipping in the standings.

The Storm B-Bodden Town Eclipzers B match would be slightly more competitive.

The first quarter would see Storm get a slight edge 7-4 before essentially putting the game away in the second quarter with 8-1 score-line.

The Storm offense was in rhythm and clicking from the opening whistle.

Players like Goal Shooter Hillary Burton, Goal Attack Geraldeen Smith and Wing Attack Delisa Gourzong made good shots, sidestepped the defense and never stopped hustling towards goal.

Meanwhile the BT defense would do its best to stand up to the assault. Goal Keeper Carissa Maye, Goal Defense Tricia Rankine and Wing Defense Kimberly Connolly stuck with the players for the most part and though it was obvious they were being blitzed they did not act bothered by that.

Compared to the barrage of offense seen in the first half the second half would be a complete 180 degree turnaround. Both defenses would take centre stage as points were scarce.

Storm scored just five points in the second half. But BT failed to capitalize as they managed just three points of their own.

The fact of the matter is that the BT never got in gear. The passing was ok and the hustle was undeniable but the shots just could not fall.

Goal Shooter Sharon Brown, Goal Attack Gillanda Fredericks and Wing Attack Shayan Foster could only shake their heads in disgust as the offensive trips hardly resulted in points.

BT Centre Renaina Smalling and sub Kimolin Marons would share in that misery as their athleticism and focus seemed to be all for naught.

On the other hand credit must be given to the job the Storm defense did. They stayed active, made passing a chore and gave BT no easy shots.

Much of that defensive fortitude came from Wing Defense Sandy Burrows, Goal Defense Antonette Ecclestone and Goal Keeper Andrea Gray.

Even Centre Tajae Grey got into the act as the defense proved to be a true team effort.

In the end Storm would let the subs keep the team fresh on both ends of the court. Cloe Hill, Andrea Fray, Racquel Brown and Mykache Smith guided Storm to the final whistle.

With the win Storm build on their position as one of the more dominant teams. For BT the winless streak continues as does their standing near the bottom of the division.

There were also two matches that took place last Thursday at 6pm.

Storm A thrashed Rawlinson and Hunter 64-13 in their division one match with Storm Goal Shooter Sophie Foster and Goal Attack Lavern Ebanks having big nights on offense.

In the division two game Rising Stars B got by Unity 24-14 with RS Wing Defense Mariscka Blackman and Goal Attack Latanya Thompson leading the way.

The next set of game scheduled for tonight at Truman. At 6pm Roma takes on Rising Stars A while John Gray Mixed battles Maples and Calder.