Deloitte adopts Dot the turtle

Deloitte Cayman Islands announces its support of conservation efforts of the Green Sea Turtle by adopting a breeder turtle at Boatswain’s Beach.

Chosen by Managing Partner Ian Wight, the 215-pound female has been named Dot.

‘Turtles are an important part of our history. The turtle is such an icon of things Caymanian; since the islands’ discovery by Christopher Columbus, turtles have been an integral part of the Cayman story. At Deloitte, we feel there is a need to preserve this part of our heritage for future generations,’ said Mr. Wight. ‘We want our children and their children to always have the opportunity for unique turtle interactions that are only available at Boatswain’s Beach.’

For many years, Boatswain’s Beach and its predecessor, Cayman Turtle Farm, have run a successful captive breeding programme, enabling enough output for both local consumption and the release of young turtles back into the wild. This type of programme for green sea turtles is unique, helping to ensure the survival of the endangered species.

‘Corporate support is a vital part of the continued success of our research and conservation programmes. By extension, our corporate partners play a role in the very survival of these wonderful species. We are proud to have Deloitte partner with us and look forward to working with them,’ said Joey Ebanks, CEO Boatswain’s Beach.

Deloitte Consulting Partner, Taron Jackman said, ‘Over the past two years, we have worked closely with the management and staff of Boatswain’s Beach on a number of projects. The more we learned about their conservation programme, the more we wanted to be involved somehow. During 2008, we focused on the environment with recycling at the office, school tree plantings, beach cleanups, and other activities. This year, ‘Dot’ will be the centrepiece of our environmental activities.’

Commenting on the name, Mr. Jackman said, ‘Worldwide, Deloitte’s brand image is punctuated by the ‘green dot’ at the end of our name. When we began planning this programme, the name ‘Dot’ was originally just a playful working name for the project, but it stuck.’

Deloitte Cayman Islands has a yearlong programme planned around Dot. The focus of the programme is two-fold; conservation and education.


Dot was selected to be a part of the breeding programme at Boatswain’s Beach.

‘We hope Dot will produce many offspring. When that happens, we plan to work with the research staff to preserve and protect her eggs. You will certainly hear more from us when we have our first hatchlings,’ said Mr. Jackman.

The corporate programme at Boatswain’s Beach includes turtle releases.

‘This is a very exciting part of the programme for us at Deloitte,’ said Mr. Jackman. ‘We plan to incorporate the turtle releases into annual staff events, which certainly will certainly create a unique experience for our staff.’


Another part of the Deloitte Dot programme is a school outreach campaign. Deloitte plans to work with schools to raise awareness and to reinforce the importance of Green Sea Turtle conservation through classwork and homework activities.

‘We will organize class activities in selected schools around themes such as conservation, environmental protection, and the turtle breeding programme,’ said Mr. Jackman.

‘It’s important for children to connect with these efforts at an early age. Appreciation for nature leads to respect for nature, and eventually to stewardship, which is the highest goal of any environmental activity,’ added Mr. Wight.