Butterfield Art Gallery Features Dreams

Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited will be hosting an exciting solo art exhibition at their Butterfield Place banking centre this month.

The exhibition, titled Dreams Within Dreams, will serve as the launch event for Butterfield’s new lending advertising campaign and initiative, simply titled Dreams.

According to representatives of Butterfield, Dreams and the exhibition share a common idea, one that encourages viewers and customers to reach within their own imaginations.

The Dreams concept will open up lending products such as mortgages, car loans and education loans, among others, to a much wider segment of banking customers. The central idea is that, given the right financial guidance, almost everyone’s dreams can become a reality.

The art exhibition, by Argentinian artist Julieta Alvarez Macías, comprises a set of paintings that reflects the artist’s perception of nature.

Flowers wind in and out of surreal settings. In the pieces, floral shapes appear to float as if suspended above the ground. Vegetation appears to morph into unrecognisable animals with tendrils and tentacles.

The images are reminiscent of the work of Marc Chagall – the expressionist/surrealist painter of the early twentieth century – sharing the same dream-like narratives with Ms Alvarez Macías using strange images of underground caves with chimneys and roller coaster structures.

‘I am interested in being an explorer of the conscious and unconscious mind, an interpreter of dreams and visions. That is the reason why my paintings are not only a metamorphosis of the visible world but also of my own mental and emotional world,’ explained Ms Alvarez Macías.

‘Exuberant trees, fantasy characters and zoomorphic shapes appear in scene, taking part of the big performance illuminated by shiny bright colours, light yellows, crazy pinks and deep blues among others. The whole shows a world of entire fantasy, fantasy that, even though we do not see it, is always there.’

Julieta is the first of four featured artists in David Bridgeman’s curatorial series at Butterfield.

‘I am looking forward to working with Butterfield on this new series of exhibitions,’ said Mr. Bridgeman, himself a well-known local artist. ‘Artists in Cayman are continually looking for alternative spaces to display their art.

‘It is encouraging to see that Butterfield is supporting local artists by providing such a venue, complimenting the permanent artwork already on display.’

Dreams Within Dreams opens to customers and members of the public on 30 January 2009 and runs for three months.

Viewing hours are during the bank’s normal business hours Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.