NGCI hosts 2009 [email protected]

Dubbed the ‘premier visual arts event in the Cayman Islands’, [email protected] is set to please everyone who partakes as a participant or spectator this Saturday 31 January.

art at gov

Sponsor Walkers joins forces with the National Gallery to present 2009s [email protected] on Saturday 31 January. Photo: File

Each year, the grounds of the Government House are opened to the public to present a spectrum of artists and works in all types of genres including jewellery making, painting, drawing, stained glass art, traditional thatch plaiting, quilting, sculpting and more.

This year and new to the event, is the addition of Street Art by ‘Jonty’ Jean Van Iddekinge who is working with the National Gallery’s Community Mural Programme.

Join more than 100 artists, illustrators, craft makers, sculptors and metal workers to name a few, in an afternoon of exploration of fine art, music, culture and fun art activities as well as one on one interaction with your favourite upcoming or developing artist.

This year the event carries the theme ‘Making a Difference’, asking all those involved to reflect on what can be done to make positive changes in daily life and society.

This is the 10th year that the NGCI has put on [email protected] The event is sponsored by Walkers, who will be hosting activities for children in the ‘Walkers Tent’.

The Rotary Club, Sunrise is donating lunch to Gallery staff, Friends of the Gallery Volunteer staff, Walkers staff and exhibitors.

The Cayman Islands Catboat Club will be offering free rides for everyone from 1pm to 5pm.

Join sponsor Walkers, the National Gallery and His Excellency, Governor Stuart Jack and Mrs. Mariko Jack for the 2009 [email protected] from 1pm to 5pm, Saturday 31 January.

Children’s Activities

[email protected] is not only geared towards adults but will also offer a variety of hands-on educational activities for children of all ages and abilities.

The theme for this year’s [email protected] – ‘Making a Difference’ – will be explored through the island’s youth. Everyone is invited to the Gallery’s own Art Creation Station for the Gallery’s children’s art creation station ‘Going Green’.

This station invites children of all ages to get artistic and work on a community project entitled ‘Going Green’.

Children will be asked the questions: ‘What can you do to help the environment?’ and ‘What can we do to make a difference?’

Children will use paint, markers and mixed media to creatively express their answer, which will be applied to square pieces of cloth and assembled during the event for everyone to consider and enjoy.

Kaitlyn Elphinstone, education coordinator at the National Gallery, said: ‘This is a wonderful opportunity for youth to get involved and get confident about their art! It’s also a great way for children to see what’s out there and to converse with other children about their art practice.’

Walkers Station gives thanks

Event Sponsor, Walkers has named this year’s Walkers Art Station ‘Big Thanks’.

Children and the young at heart will explore conceptual art by designing a thank-you card made out to a person, place or thing that they feel has made a difference in their lives; be it a mother, teacher or Lego set.

Once completed participants will have the option of entering to win The Most Original Thank-you Award.

‘A thank-you note is a fantastic way for someone to express their gratitude in a personal way,’ commented Ms Elphinstone.

‘Many of us lead busy lives and perhaps overlook the people or things that have made a difference. So let’s make a difference to those who have made a difference.’