Ellio going to London talks

Radio talk show host Ellio Solomon will accompany the UDP party’s delegation travelling to London to participate in the constitutional modernisation negotiations.

The decision came after he declared his candidacy for a seat in the district of George Town for the United Democratic Party this week

UDP leader Mr. Bush said the party was offered five seats at the constitution negotiating table in London. Mr. Bush said he would go, along with fellow West Bay MLA’s Rolston Anglin and Cline Glidden Jr. The other two Opposition MLA’s will not attend the meetings.

‘[Cayman Brac and Little Cayman MLA Julianna O’Connor-Connolly] has to stay because the prince is coming to Cayman Brac and she needs to be there for that,’ he said. ‘And someone had to stay here, so Captain Eugene [Ebanks] volunteered to stay behind.’

Mr. Solomon was then offered one of the UDP delegation’s two remaining seats.

Mr. Bush explained how Mr. Solomon’s association with the UDP began.

‘When we invited the public in to talk about the constitution, Ellio was one of the people who came in,’ he said. ‘We took some of his ideas on board.’

Mr. Bush said Mr. Solomon ended up assisting in the drafting of the UDP’s constitution position paper.

For the other vacant seat at the negotiating table, the UDP will take Reverend Nicholas Sykes, even though the Cayman Ministers’ Association, of which he is a part, already has other representation at the meetings.

‘[Mr. Sykes] was very instrumental in developing our position [on the constitution],’ Mr. Bush said, adding that the UDP agreed with the opinions on the constitution expressed by the Ministers’ Associations when it came to the bill of rights issues.

‘He is quite knowledgeable about the issues concerning the bill of rights and we thought it appropriate to give a seat [at the negotiations] to him.’

Both Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts and Cabinet Minister Alden McLaughlin expressed their disapproval with Mr. Solomon’s inclusion on the negotiating delegation at the end of the Cabinet press briefing on Thursday.

Mr. Bush acknowledged on Radio Cayman Thursday that the government ‘fought tooth and nail’ to keep Mr. Solomon off the delegation.

The UDP delegation leaves for London tomorrow and talks take place next week.