Storm are such a force

Quick Cash Storm remains the only undefeated team in the Cayman Islands Basketball Association’s National Women’s League, after taking down Silver Bullets 65-43 on Tuesday.

The game, which took place at CIBA courts off Eastern Avenue, was a highly contested and entertaining affair. In fact, Storm came back after a first quarter deficit to take the victory. Storm’s point guard, Lashawn Davis scored the first two points of the game after receiving a pass from her sister, Lavern Davis-Ebanks.

But then Scimone Campbell drained a three-point shot to give Silver Bullets a one-point lead. Silver Bullets grabbed a couple of rebounds, forcing several turnovers. This gave Silver Bullets an eight- point lead.

But Storm found their rhythm in the irrepressible pair of Merta Day and Davis-Ebanks, who proved too much for Silver Bullets in the end. Day and Davis-Ebanks were the top scorers for Quik Cash Storm with 16 points each. Campbell, with 21 points was the top gun for Silver Bullets. Donna Hing assisted with 16 points.

Esso Blazettes defeated Welly’s Cool Spot 42-36 on Tuesday at the Cayman Islands Basketball Courts of Eastern Avenue.

Blazettes had the lead for most of the game but Welly’s took over control in the third quarter, with the score at 32- 26 in their favour. But a lack of experience cost Welly’s to lose the ground they gained in the third.

Welly’s coach Redver Ebanks relied on his team’s fitness level to play man-to man defence. However, Welly’s the youngest team in the league, is still a little light on ball-handling skills and poor finishing at the basket led to their demise.

Blazettes’ experience and skills propelled them to the win.

‘I know anytime there is a close game, I am in trouble said. Experience definitely won that game,’ Coach Ebanks said.

Shawn Pitterson, coach of Esso Blazettes noted: ‘When Welly’s began playing a man-to- man defence, they caught up with us and eventually took the lead. So I adjusted my strategy and also went man-to-man. The pressure from our team is what gave us the edge and we capitalised at the basket.’

Theresa Hamil was the architect of the win for Esso Blazettes, with 17 points and 12 rebounds. Laurie Webster added 14 points and 9 rebounds. The leading scorer for Welly’s was Casseianne Lawrence with 16 points. Shenika Moore added 15 points and 12 rebounds. Amber Watson captured 10 rebounds.

The end of the first round of the Women’s National Basketball League will take place on Sunday at the courts off Eastern Avenue. Game times are 5pm. and 6:45pm.