Youngsters run JACPS ragged

Last week saw youngsters make great strides in West Bay.

A district track meet was put on in the area by the Cayman Islands Amateur Athletic Association.

The play field at John A Cumber Primary School was host to many track and field events Saturday morning from 9am.

A fair amount of kids came out to the meet and competed across some six age groups.

A number of them were part of national track teams Hytek Tigers and Mustangs. But for the most part the youngsters were some of West Bay’s best home-grown talent.

The main events they took part in were the 60m, 80m, 100m, 150m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m dash, long jump, shot putt, ball throw and javelin.

Among the big winners on the day for the girls were Shenelle Stewart [who won the girls 12-13 100m and long jump], Anniekay Anderson [who won the girls 8-9 long jump and ball throw].

For the boys Salvino Thomas [14-16 400m and 17-19 800m], Ryan Kirklady [14-16 800m and 1500m], D’monte Seymour [6-7 60m and ball throw], Ezra Redden [10-11 100m and long jump] and Justyn Powell [8-9 80m, long jump and ball throw] won multiple events.

Some of the big track names in attendance were Pearl Morgan, Chantelle Morrison, Justin nalty, Chris Sampson and Bodden Towner Jada Wright.

National Coach Kenrick Williams oversaw the entire event and was assisted by a number of CIAA officials including Jean-Paul Clarke and Flynn Bush.