2 days, 92 traffic tickets

West Bay Police handed out 92 tickets for various driving offences over a two-day period between 27 and 28 January.

During the two days, 22 speeding tickets were issued; 44 traffic tickets were issued for various violations such as failure to comply with stop signs and road markings; 24 people were prosecuted for not wearing seatbelts; and 2 traffic offence reports were issued.

‘Road safety is paramount and drivers are encouraged to obey stop signs and road markings,’ Chief Inspector Angelique Howell said. ‘Failure to observe speed limits, obey stop signs or to wear a seatbelt may cause the death of the driver or another person.’

Mrs. Howell also said members of the public had raised concerns about reckless driving by taxi drivers who were reportedly overtaking in the center lane, driving illegally on the road shoulder and stopping to speak to other drivers while in traffic.

‘There are consequences and taxi drivers guilty of driving in this way are warned to discontinue these practices,’ Mrs. Howell said.