Sharks win again

The South Coast Sharks are the champions of co-ed football once again.

The Sharks beat team Appleby 2-1 on Friday night at the WestTel Arena of Kings Sports Centre.

For the Sharks the title is their second in as many years. The squad won the championship last year.

South Coast, led by Janyccee Parchment and Jedd Ebanks, controlled the tempo at mid-court. They kept the edge in ball possession in favour of the Sharks and forced Appleby to come forward and challenge for the ball.

That led to passes deep into the Appleby defense that would result in scoring opportunities.

From there players like Zoenief Walker would step up and fire shots on goal.

For Appleby they did their best to force the tempo of the game. When they got the ball they were all about speed as they got the ball up the wings and into the South Coast defense in a heartbeat.

Local footballer Derrin Ebanks was a big part of the game for Appleby as he got good shots on goal and frustrated defenders with his dribbling skills.

The female players, especially, Kimberly Pitta had a big hand in connecting passes from the back to the attacking players.

With each scoring chance the crowd erupted and cheered loudly. About the only people more into the game than them were the benches for each team as both could be heard shouting for their sides.

Throughout the night both sides played with great intensity, never giving up on a play and always putting the ball through tight spots.

Then again both clubs were no stranger to one another. The teams have a friendly but very competitive history with former team-mates on each side.

During the regular season, the two squads played each other twice, with each taking a win.

The Sharks were one of two teams to hand Appleby a loss and they did it just before the playoffs started.

Coming into the playoffs the squads were the top two in the league. Appleby was the regular season champions with 10-2-0 record and 30 points.

South Coast Sharks were runners-up with a 9-1-2 record and 29 points.

Appleby dominated on offense. They scored the most goals in the competition with 83 strikes. At the same time they allowed 36 goals, the second-fewest in the league.

South Coast meanwhile got in a position to repeat through defense. The Sharks allowed just 16 goals, the fewest in the entire league. Furthermore their offense was good, scoring 67 goals (third most in the regular season).

The teams would continue their dominant form in the playoffs.

Appleby would beat bottom team RBS Coutts (2-10, six points) in the quarter-finals before taking down a solid Scotiabank (6-6, 18 points) side 8-3 in the semi-finals.

Chris Ebanks scored three for Appleby in that game with Heather Pierre (2), Orville McTyson (1), Chris Johnson (1) and Gemar Brown (1) also scoring.

Scotiabank countered with two goals from Ariel Tatum and a goal from Mark Parchment.

South Coast would beat a mediocre Maples and Calder team (5-7, 15 points) in the quarter-finals before beating number three seed Golden Glove (8-4, 24 points) 8-3 in the semi-finals.

Zoenief Walker put up four goals for the Sharks with Jason Ebanks contributing three goals and Jason Yates one.

Golden Glove countered with scores from Shano Evans, Rolly Bodden and Jose-Lewis Bush.

Going into the finals Kings Athletic Director Ray Singh felt the championship game would be a good one. At the time he hoped the game would get plenty of support from local football enthusiasts.

Chris Ebanks ended the season as the league’s undisputed scoring champion. Ebanks nabbed 37 goals on the year for team Appleby.

Ariel Tatum of team Scotiabank was second with 21 goals. Daniel Cummings of Maples and Calder was a close third with 19 goals.

Zoenief Walker ended this season as the leading female scorer for the second straight year with 14 goals for South Coast Sharks.

Gina Ebanks of Golden Glove was second with 12 goals while Cassandra Bodden of JBS Eagles was a distant third with six goals.