Cayman losing its identity

Why are we rushing the port expansion and the by pass through the Mastic Trail without investigating thoroughly the possible consequences for near and future generations of these islands?

What is taking so long to obtain the signature of the powers that be to finalize the Kittiwake Wreck Project that can put us back on the divers map immediately (and we are at risk of losing the wreck due to the many delays)?

We seem to be on a quest to keep up with other destinations instead of exploring a different path.

We are looking like other destinations already. Our cruise ship tourists would not know they are on the Cayman Islands if it were not for the sign that says so!

Our town does not look much different than other shopping ports with people looking for a good bargain rather than what the islands have to offer. In fact if we keep on building and expanding, we will have nothing to offer but cement buildings, roads, buses and traffic.

Why bother coming here then?

How can the future generations benefit from this if there is nothing left to come and see? Where is our zeal to keep and show our culture and traditions when our government wants to pave our own forest, cut our mangroves and run over our own blue iguanas?

As a Caymanian I would like to be informed sooner of future developments before decisions of this calibre are made.

And by the way, am I the only one that noticed that the recently re-vamped National Museum logo looks pretty much like the old one but without the ‘Cayman Islands’ written on it? I guess when tourists take a picture next to the sign they might not remember it was in the Caymans but at least ‘was close to a Hard Rock CafĂ© somewhere in one of the stops in the Caribbean (was the Caribbean right?)’

Sergio Coni