Port decision wrong

As a voting Caymanian, I am against the relocation of the port cargo facility as well as the four berths for cruise ship passengers.

There have been no established or published projections of cruise ship passengers increased spending that can justify additional Cayman revenues over and above the annual cost to build and maintain the cruise ship berthing facility.

Additionally, with the present global economy I’m sure that cruise ship passenger will decrease in number and spend even less monies on shore during the next few years.

There is no argument that Grand Cayman has outgrown the port cargo facility in George Town with the cruise passengers we already have. Relocating another cargo facility a half mile north of the present location does not alleviate trucking congestion in GT nor stop excessive over-time cost for port labour during night time hours.

Even though the new port would benefit those select few who have bought up property on the road that connects the new proposed cargo facility waterfront with Eastern Avenue, the knowledgeable aging Caymanian mariners feel the port should be located on the south-side of the island between Red Bay and Pedro where cargo ships would be protected from numerous Northwester’s. This makes common sense to most Caymanians.

The relocation of the port facility can be built in stages; first for containers and then second for aggregate in conjunction with accountable government spending without incurring additional government deficits.

The government states that the new facilities will be paid for by private investors. It matters little whose money is used as the principal and interest must be repaid. No one gives free lunches!

Wake up Cayman before Atlantic Star or someone else owns and operates one of the most important locations of Grand Cayman.

Ava Vincent