Put thought in port

It is my opinion that the current government plan to build a cargo port in George Town is short sighted.

Any cargo port construction dollars need to be spent with the mentality of a port for the next century.

By this I mean a cargo facility to meet the needs of the Cayman Islands for the next 100 years.

For a cargo port to achieve this intended purpose it must have land area to grow and expand as necessary. Clearly downtown George Town does not meet this criteria.

To build the cargo port as intended in George Town will place the port in a congested area with little room for growth and an eyesore for the local and tourist community.

In addition the additional docking and dredging required creates possible additional erosion problems for Seven Mile Beach.

Why not build a cargo port along the south side of the island in a phased in process. Start with a cargo port to offload aggregate only and over time upgrade the facility with a phased in time line to spread out the cost. Select an area with sufficient room to expand to assure this project will survive the test of time.

John Augsbury