Water main closes road

A burst water line closed Hospital Road Tuesday morning, badly snarling traffic throughout rush hour.

The road was closed between Elgin Road and the four-way stop at the junction of Smith Road and Walkers Road from early morning and throughout rush hour, leaving traffic backed up for miles in several directions.

Robert Robler, chief operations manager of the Water Authority, said staff had been notified of a leak at the four-way stop on Monday and had begun work at 10pm that night.

‘We had a hard time finding the leak,’ he said. ‘It followed the trench and surfaced at a spot about 50 feet away from where the leak was.’

He said the leak was not particularly large and the water was coming through a split in the pipe, but due to the thickness of the asphalt along Hospital Road, the water surfaced far from the origin of the leak.

‘In 90 to 95 per cent of cases, the water comes up right where the leak is,’ Mr. Robler said.

He added that the Water Authority had been aware of the leak on Monday, but had decided to put off doing repairs until that night so the work would not interfere with Monday evening’s rush hour.

They finally found the leak around 9.15am on Tuesday.

Although the road was closed, residents and workers on that section of Hospital Road were allowed to access their homes and offices.

The water supply to homes and offices along that stretch of road were cut off while the work was going on.

Water supplies were due to be restored by 1pm Tuesday, but access to the road continued on a needs only basis to residents or people who worked in the area until further notice.