Stars for a great cause

The arrival of current and past NFL to Cayman is highlighting a unique community event.

Luigi Moxam

Luigi Moxam has great vision on and off the field
Photo: Matthew Yates

Next Saturday 21 February sees a free youth flag football camp at Cayman International School Field.

Coming for the camp are NFL stars Desean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles; Steve Smith, Danny Ware and Kevin Harris of the New York Giants; Marcellus Wiley (formerly of the Dallas Cowboys and now a TV analyst with ESPN) and Martellus Bennett of the Dallas Cowboys.

On one hand the one-day youth camp, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association and One-345 Designs, is aiming to kick off The Security Centre Youth Flag Football League.

That league runs 28 February-24 April for boys and girls aged eight to 14.

On the other hand the camp is being put on to raise awareness of youth diabetes, HIV/AIDS and Cayman’s youth.

As Event co-ordinator Luigi Moxam explains the camp will be a chance for local kids to reach new heights.

‘CIFFA is by far one of the most successful leagues and they are excited about the upcoming youth league.

‘This event will help develop and provide the many talented and athletic kids in Cayman an outlet to showcase their skills which can potentially lead to other successful opportunities.’

Moxam, who is also Executive Director of One-345 Designs, felt that the camp was a perfect opportunity to help develop a healthier future for Cayman.

‘What also makes this event unique is that I wanted to make an effort to raise diabetes awareness amongst the youth and show that participating in sports can help prevent diabetes.’

Moxam also hopes to use the camp to launch his new initiative called the Tink Again campaign.

The campaign deals with HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy and domestic violence as it affects the lives of youth in Cayman and the Caribbean.

Moxam explained the thinking behind the Tink Again campaign.

‘When I started designing the concept, it was interesting because I did some research on the stats for HIV/AIDS. I found that only in sub-Saharan Africa were there higher prevalent rates of the disease than in the Caribbean.

‘Considering that the Caribbean is the second most affected region in the world, I thought it would be productive to design a collection that serves as a positive message to empower Caribbean countries and encourage young people to think again whether or not their decisions will have a positive or negative effect on their life.’

T-shirts with images related to the campaign are slated to be made available on the day of the camp as the campaign officially launches that night.

The camp sees free registration for kids aged eight to 17 from 11am-12noon with the actual camp going on until roughly 4pm.

The NFL players will be on the field from roughly 12noon to 4pm assisting with instructing the basics of flag football in addition to signing autographs.

In addition they will be speaking with the kids about youth diabetes awareness and partner with Moxam to promote the Tink Again campaign.

The players were brought down chiefly by Moxam, who is a stalwart of the Cayman flag football scene and shared mutual friends with the players.

The free camp has attracted much support from the corporate sector.

The major sponsors are the Ministry of Tourism, Caymanian Compass, Cayman Distributors, CUC, DMS Broadcasting and Island Companies.

For more information e-mail Luigi Moxam at [email protected].