Moxam plans youth summit

The arrival of prominent NFL names is part of a massive gathering aimed at Cayman’s youth.


Luigi Moxam (42) is a man on a mission.
Photo: Matthew Yates

Six current and past NFL players are on their way to Cayman this weekend for a free one day youth flag football camp.

The camp is being put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association and One 345 Designs on Saturday 21 February.

Cayman International School Field will see youngsters aged eight to 14 come out to take part in drills and learn about issues such as youth diabetes and HIV/AIDS.

In addition the youngsters will get a chance to meet NFL stars Desean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles; Steve Smith, Danny Ware and Kevin Harris of the New York Giants; Marcellus Wiley (formerly of the Dallas Cowboys and now a TV analyst with ESPN) and Martellus Bennett of the Dallas Cowboys.

But the camp is merely one part of a three day youth gathering Event Coordinator Luigi Moxam terms a youth summit for the Cayman Islands.

At press time Moxam was unable to comment on the proposed gathering but submitted a document outlining the specifics.

The document explains much of the reasoning and purpose behind the summit. It states:

‘The Youth Summit will use the winter mid-term school break to engage Cayman’s youth in creative arts industries that elevate the standards of excellence that they will bring to their future academic and career goals.

‘By working together during the school mid-term break, we will help all participants to clarify their various responsibilities and identify a shared way forward where everyone in Cayman has the opportunity to be a winner in pursuit of their dreams.

‘This will include working hand in hand to accept personal and collective responsibility for goals. In the long term, the Summit will promote sustained networking among young people committed to the conservation of Cayman’s uniquely blessed environment.’

The summit is slated to focus on the issues of youth empowerment and HIV/AIDS awareness [chiefly through Moxam’s ‘Tink Again’ campaign].

The document went on to discuss how the summit will play out. It reads:

‘The Youth Summit will challenge all participants about the role that youth culture plays in shaping future trends. Participants will be invited to be part of the creation of a pioneering “BeachFest” program designed to expand Cayman’s Easter holiday tradition of outdoor camping and games into a major international event that celebrates holistic forms of recreation, collaboration and development.

‘By working together on a practical scenario youth stakeholders will be empowered to explore Cayman’s natural and social heritage using a results-driven process that delivers immediately tangible outcomes for the creative arts industries and the broader community.

‘These “BeachFest” solutions are set to be featured during the Ash Wednesday and Easter public holidays.’

The summit takes off in earnest on Monday 23 February. The meeting is slated to be held at the Westin Casuarina Resort and Spa on West Bay Road.

Panel discussions are slated to start from 9:30am with the last activity slated for 2pm.

The next day, Tuesday 24 February, will see the second round of talks at the Westin. Discussions are slated to commence once again at 9am with the last talks at 2pm. A youth ball is then set to happen that evening at 6pm.

The final day of the summit, Wednesday 25 February, is set to focus on Cayman’s natural beauty. Talks are set to first kick off at the Westin at 9:30am before a holistic nature walk occurs at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park at around 4pm.

The day’s activities are then set to wrap-up with a beach ceremony at 7pm. It was not clear at press time which beach would host this event.

Aside from the one-day free flag football camp, there are slated to be a host of activities surrounding the summit.

This Friday, 20 February is set to see a One 345 dinner party at Casanovas at 7:30pm (sponsored by Cayman Distributors). There is also a One 345 bonfire party planned for the evening, though time and location were not clear at press time.

On Saturday, after the youth camp, a One 345 Collection fashion show is slated to take place at Camana Bay. The fashion show, termed ‘Blessed’, is expected to run from 7pm until midnight and feature a guest designer, DJ and local musical acts including KK Alese and Love Child.

From there a boat cruise is expected to occur on Sunday 22 February. Termed ‘No Shoes Boat Cruise’ the cruise is slated to run to Rum Point and feature a sunset barbecue.

There are also plans for a DVD to be put together featuring highlights from all the events and festivities surrounding the youth summit. From there the DVD is slated to be distributed throughout the Caribbean and aired on television stations TEMPO and/or Carib Vision.

For more information on the summit and related festivities e-mail Luigi Moxam at [email protected].