Best might retire

One of Cayman’s most iconic cricketers has not made plain his retirement.

Pearson Best said recently any decision on his part to walk away from the game on an international level is not a given.

‘I’m definitely leaning towards that but I’d have to talk with [National] Coach [Theo] Cuffy first before I announce anything.

‘After consulting him I’d definitely announce some thing before international competition next year.’

Best did not say when those talks with Cuffy would take place aside from saying ‘very soon.’

Best recently captained the Cayman squad on its journey to Argentina to play in the ICC World Cricket League Division Three competition.

Cayman fell short of success, being relegated to WCL division four [which plays in 2010] while surprise teams Afghanistan and Uganda clinched berths in the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifiers.

Best reportedly did not have a good showing in the competition in large part due to injury. It is understood he was forced to give up his captaincy to Steve Gordon as a result.

One of Cayman’s most prolific batsmen, Best is known for his patient innings and strong swings. He competed for Cayman often over the years, many times serving as the captain, most notably during the Stanford 20/20 competitions in Antigua.

Best currently plays local cricket and is with the Police team in division one of the local league.

This is not the first time Best has faced retirement. He says he had stepped away before but came back to develop local cricket.

‘I have retired before and I was asked to come back and assist with the youth and set up a transitional system between local and international cricket.

‘If I were to retire now I would retire for good. However I’d still play local cricket, no matter what.’

With his age and injuries against him it would make sense for those to be the reasons behind a proposed retirement.

As Best states neither are factors in his mind.

‘I can still play cricket, at any level. I still play these days and I would still be very much involved in local cricket down the road.

‘I’ll be around to assist in anyway and help develop our young talent.’