Young entrepreneurs on display

The Governor’s residence was abuzz with excitement recently as young entrepreneurs showcased their businesses for the Governor, family and mentors from the business community at a reception held for Junior Achievement.

young entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Tiphanie Wilmot, right, and John Fawkes chat with Governor and Mrs. Jack about their book of Cayman tales, In Cayman Granny Says. Photo: Basia Pioro

Student teams demonstrated their business projects for those in attendance, with products ranging from the cultural to the practical, as shower aromatherapy sachets vied for space with reading kits and candy arrangements.

The event also provided an opportunity for the students to be awarded their business charters by Governor Stuart Jack.

Among the exhibitors were Tiphanie Wilmot of John Gray High School and John Fawkes of Cayman Prep who formed This Is Cayman. Brainstorming with their mentor Christopher Garnett of Citco, TIC came up with the idea to publish stories from Cayman’s old days.

The resulting publication, In Cayman Granny Says, contains old stories Tiffany and John collected by interviewing residents of the Pines, grandparents and other older relatives

‘It is important to preserve our heritage, times are changing so fast, we are becoming so modernized, we need to preserve this part of our culture,’ said Tiphanie.

Tiphanie says she is interested in pursuing history in school, and aspires to be a solicitor one day. She said that even though it was not a requirement, she thought that it would be a good idea to have a Cayman theme.

‘And I think that everything is a cycle, when it comes to history whether it is here in Cayman or in the world, we can learn from the past as it will likely happen again. That’s another reason why we thought making this book was important.’

Sales have been strong, with over 300 copies sold, and Tiphanie and John are optimistic they will be able to reach their sales goal of 500.

Also exhibiting were St Ignatius students Brittany Borden and Shay Miller of FBP, short for Future Business People.

The name seems apt, considering their apparent business acumen. The duo started off as a keychain business, but with the help of their four KPMG mentors, they switched gears, and FBP has transformed into an event planning and marketing company.

In fact they have taken on the event planning and marketing for the upcoming Junior Achievement expo.

‘We saw that we were interested in doing that kind of work, and felt that we could be good at it. So we have already been working on the expo, booking the venue, and making sure people hear about it,’ said Brittany, who plans to study business in university next year.

Her hope is to one day own a business or two, as well as teach.

‘That way I can have the security of supporting myself, and still have the pleasure of teaching,’ the 17 year-old entrepreneur said with confidence.

Judging from the business ideas and enthusiasm on display, Cayman has a lot to look forward to from its budding business community in coming years.