Tulloch calls it a day

Cayman cricketer Kenute Tulloch is retiring.

Tulloch announced his retirement from international cricket to the Cayman team that went to Argentina recently.

Tulloch was one of three players who announced their retirement from the Cayman national team in Argentina. The other two were Steve Gordon and Pearson Best.

As Tulloch states, now is the time to step away.

‘I am retiring, I announced to the team in the meeting after the games in Argentina. I’m 43 now and it’s time to call it a day.’

Tulloch, a tall and slender bowler, is known for his ability to take crucial wickets in competition.

Tulloch served Cayman in tournaments abroad for some 13 years straight and began play at the club level before that.

Tulloch says the reason for his retirement lies in his age and his confidence in the younger players.

‘I can still play and I will still play locally. But it’s a lot of stress on the bigger stage because of my age. My knees are getting wear and tear too.

‘I just feel it’s time for the younger ones to come through and represent.’

Among the players Tulloch feels can step up and take his place in the national team is young man Marlon Bryan.

Bryan is one of Cayman’s best up and coming bowlers who plays with the Police team.

Tulloch went on to say this is not the first time he has decided on retiring.

‘This is actually the second time I have retired. I originally decided to retire last year after going to Australia and playing a tournament there.

‘But [National] Coach [Theo Cuffy] asked me to come back to steady the side so I did.’

These days Tulloch can be found at the cricket pitches in Cayman playing for By-Rite in division one of the local cricket league.

His last game was over the weekend at the Smith Road Oval.

Tulloch is intent on playing cricket and says he’ll assist with its development in Cayman.

‘I’ll help out with the younger ones with whatever I can and teach them what I know.

‘From here on in I’ll play local cricket, masters [for players over 40 years of age] cricket but not on the international level.’

Ultimately Tulloch sees a bright future for Cayman cricket with more international competition.

‘Cayman cricket is going in the right direction. We simply need to play more cricket because when we go abroad we fall short.

‘We need more exposure cricket at a higher level. When we’re here we’re very good. But we can’t stand up to the pressure abroad.’