Howzat! Maidens bowled over

Women’s cricket is set for a revival. It used to be popular year around 10 years ago but fizzled out, now it’s being revived.

A group of potential players have been practicing in the past few weeks at the Smith Road Oval.

Three teams, including one from Greenies, will be formed in the next few weeks and next Saturday there will be a women’s cricket fun day at the Smith Road Oval.

Department of Sport executive Merta Day said: ‘As secretary of Cayman Islands Cricket Association and chairman of the recently appointed Women’s Cricket Development Committee, I am very excited at the prospect of women officially playing hard ball cricket in the Cayman Islands for the first time.

‘Committee members need to show keen interest and enthusiasm. Key ingredients if we are to propel women’s hardball cricket to a level where they can be competitive in the region.’

Developing women’s cricket is one of the Cayman Islands Cricket Association’s long term goals.

Day added: ‘On behalf of the WCDC I encourage the public to come out and spectate, especially women and young girls who may be interested in learning more about the game or joining a team.’

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