Montego Bay killings leave four dead

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica – Divisional commander for the St James police, Superintendent Maurice Robinson, is appealing for calm following a quadruple murder in the parish Sunday.

Robinson is also calling for witnesses and others with information come forward and help the police.

Four men were shot and killed and four others shot and injured when rampaging gunmen invaded a dance at Bongo Lenny Lane in the Hendon/Norwood area of Montego Bay, firing wildly at patrons.

The dead men, all residents of the community, have been identified as 30-year-old sound-system operator Oniel ‘Calico’ Black 19-year-old Adrian ‘Jeffrey’ Wynter, 34-year-old footballer Peter ‘Freno’ Williams and 27-year-old Jevaughn ‘Mexico’ Bromley, who was said to be mentally challenged.

Hail of bullets

According to persons who were at the dance, shortly after 2am, five men armed with handguns fired a barrage of bullets, causing revellers to flee in panic. Bromley was killed on the road while the other three were slain in a bar. The dance was geared towards promoting the bar, which was being opened for the first time.

“One of dem seh to me, ‘Come out, because we nah kill no woman tonight’,” a woman who was in the bar told The Gleaner. “Dem just turn on shot pon de man dem.”

Two of the four injured persons were admitted in stable conditions at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, while the other two were treated and released. Other persons at the scene also sustained minor injuries from barbed-wire and zinc fences as they fled the scene.

Lucky escape

Police investigators recovered twenty-eight .45 calibre spent shells. A truck’s shattered windshield, bullet holes in fences and buildings and bloodstains inside the bar and along the roadway told of the carnage.

“It is clear that the shooters were aiming for mass casualties based on the number of shots fired,” one investigating officer said.

“Some of those who escaped unhurt should consider themselves quite lucky.”

In a similar incident last Saturday morning, gunmen invaded a dance on Perry Street, downtown Montego Bay, leaving three persons dead and three others nursing gunshot wounds.

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