Hard game for maidens

Women’s cricket had its official relaunch in Cayman on Sunday and it was a spectacular success.

Despite the rain delay the Cayman Island Cricket Association Women’s Hardball Rally got on its way and the event turned out extremely well with three teams introduced – Esso Panthers, Greenies and Stingrays.

This event will rightly be marked as a historic day for women’s cricket here as the first hard ball games were played.

It was wonderful to see so many women out in their team’s bright colours playing the hard ball version.

Yes, many may have struggled to begin with, but the old adage of practice make perfect was evident as their game moved from strength to strength as each match progressed.

Sunday’s historic event would not have been possible if it were not for the able assistance from numerous arms of CICA out side entities such as the media, Red Cross, team sponsors and the Department of Sports, co-sponsors of the event.

Women’s committee chairperson Merta Day is also a player with Esso Panthers. She said: ‘Special thanks also to the other CICA Women Cricket Development Committee members who work tirelessly and also thanks to CICA scorers, umpires, coaches and women cricketers as without their participation the rally would not have been a success.’

The event was attended by His Excellency the Governor and Patron of CICA Stuart Jack and Mrs Jack, Sports Minister Alden McLaughlin and the Director of Sports Dalton Watler.

While passing remarks during the soft opening McLaughlin explained how he too was unhappy with the state of the outfield at the Smith Road Oval and that cricket pitches would come on line at the two new high schools presently under construction and that the association would be given the opportunity to use those facilities.

His Excellency brought greetings as patron of CICA and expressed how well the make up of the community was represented among the teams involved.

Watler conveyed that he was extremely pleased the Department of Sports was the co-sponsor of the event together with CICA as the cricket event of Honouring Women’s Month.

All three wished the women every success for the future development of women’s cricket in the Cayman Islands.

The day’s event was conducted on a round robin style and the ESSO Panthers emerged as the most successful team overall with many outstanding players on all three teams. Mention should be of the following players

Esso Panthers; Molly Ann Moore, Wyvonne Forbes and Desrene Cox: Stingrays; Gloria Gall, Lamarr Robinson and Rosemarie Wilson: Greenies; Drew Dhanraj, Wiki Hitchman and Ann Lawrence.

The day ended with all participants receiving a commemorative medal from the President of CICA Courtney Myles followed by a social time of music, drinks and interesting conversation as to how the women will press on in the future in the game of cricket.

Day added: ‘The Cayman Islands Cricket Association is to be commended for bringing forth another avenue for women to excel in what was once solely a man’s game.’

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