Kids love tips to be top pros

National football technical director Carl Brown is appreciative of the tremendous response to the Cayman Islands Football Association new initiative: CIFA Youth Player Development Programme.

The programme has just completed its second week and saw an attendance of 32 boys in the first week and 50 in the second.

Brown said he was enthused by the overwhelming response by the parents and coaches who have given their time in making the programme a success.

‘I am really enthused and pleased with this tremendous response it’s a good opportunity for us as coaches to set the stage for proper development in educating, improving their standards, instilling proper discipline and assisting these youngsters to better understand the game,’ Brown said.

‘This is the start of what I hope will be the continuation for the development of our young people and hope that corporate community will come on board to help with the financial aspects of the programme.

‘Development is a long term process; it entails the exposure of these young players to the games outside of the Cayman Islands playing in tournaments overseas and professional clubs.

‘This will enable them to get practical exposure of what it takes to become the best of what they can be. This is an investment that will benefit not only the players but also the country in a long term basis.

‘CIFA has started this programme and all the association needs is the support of everyone else to attain the desired long term results.’

This programme which is directed by Brown is assisted by Coaches Ernie ‘Gillie’ Seymour, Bobby McLaren, Arden Rivers, Loven Joven, Alban Ruiz, Floyd Streete and Djordjic Milivoj (keeper coach).

These players are the islands potentially best young talents who have been selected from Clubs and Schools ranging between 11 and 13.

The training sessions will continue at different venues each Saturday from 9am to 12noon.

Soccer mom Paulette Connolly, one of the parents of the boys, was also impressed by this new project.

‘I am truly delighted that CIFA saw it fit to start this programme,’ she said.

‘This is a well needed programme for our country in youth football and I could not be more pleased that it has come to fruition.

‘I hope it will be embraced by the whole community and as a soccer mom I am grateful for the opportunity it will give the children.

‘The programme is wonderful and I think it has been going well. My son enjoys it and has learned a lot from the coaches and looks forward to it every Saturday.’

‘I am 100 per cent behind the organisers and wish the programme much success.’

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