43 throw hat in ring

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Forty-three people were nominated Wednesday for members of the Legislative Assembly Wednesday in the general elections scheduled for 20 May.

Candidates had until 3pm on Wednesday to present themselves for nomination at predetermined locations in each of the districts. The candidates had to be nominated by two registered voters and pay a $1,000 deposit.

The district of George Town had the most nominees, including all four incumbent People’s Progressive Movement legislators, Kurt Tibbetts, Alden McLaughlin, Lucille Seymour and Alfonso Wright.

The United Democratic Party also has a full slate of candidates in George Town, including Mike Adam, Ellio Solomon, Jonathan Piercy and Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden.

Others running as independent in George Town include Walling Whittaker, Burn Conolly, Derrington ‘Bo’ Miller, Eddie Thompson and former legislator Frank McField.

The District of West Bay has 11 candidates, including all four incumbent UDP legislators, McKeeva Bush, Rolston Anglin, Cline Glidden Jr. and Captain Eugene Ebanks.

Of the remaining candidates, none had outwardly declared affiliation with the PPM as of press time and are apparently all independent. Those nominees include Bernie Bush, Paul Rivers, Gloria Lana Mae Smith, Dora Ann Elizabeth Ebanks, Reginald ‘Choppy’ Delapenha, Woody DaCosta, and Henry Morgan.

Bodden Town nominated 10 people, including all three PPM incumbents, Anthony Eden, Charles Clifford and Osbourne Bodden.

The UDP nominated two candidates in the district, Mark Scotland and Dwayne ‘John John’ Seymour.

Independents running in the district include Sandra Catron, former legislator Gilbert McLean, Theresa Lewis-Pitcairn, Justin Woods and Vincent Frederick.

Only three people were nominated in North Side, where the incumbent, Edna Moyle, announced her retirement from politics last week.

Running for Mrs. Moyle’s vacated seat are PPM candidate Joey Ebanks and two independents, Ezzard Miller and Oswell Rankine.

In East End, incumbent Arden McLean will face only one candidate, John McLean Jr.

Four candidates were nominated for the electoral district of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. In addition to the two incumbents – the PPM’s Moses Kirkconnell and the UDP’s Juliana O’Connor-Connolly – also nominated were Lyndon Martin and Maxine McCoy-Moore.

The first person to be nominated was Sandra Catron at 8:13 am and the last person nominated before the deadline was Henry Morgan at 2:49 pm.

Former legislators nominating candidates included former Executive Council [Cabinet] member Benson Ebanks, who nominated both Gloria Lana Mae Smith and Bernie Bush; former Executive Council member John McLean Sr., who nominated his son John McLean Jr.; and former Speaker of the House and Executive Council member Edna Moyle, who nominated Joey Ebanks for the seat she vacated in North Side.

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