Maples and Calder welcomes new Caymanian attorney

On Tuesday, 24 February, the Islands’ newest Caymanian attorney, Brett Basdeo, appeared before Justice Alexander Henderson for admission as an Attorney at Law in the Cayman Islands.

Mr. Basdeo’s application was sponsored by Maples and Calder and presented by Aristos Galatopoulos, a partner within the firm’s Litigation Department.

Mr. Basdeo, who has now joined the firm’s litigation department, was described by Galatopoulos as having the appropriate temperament for a litigator. The partner added that Mr. Basdeo was a credit to the Cayman Islands Law School and his family.

The son of retired UCCI president Sam Basdeo and former Chief Education Officer Joy Basdeo, he attended Cayman Preparatory School, St. Ignatius, Cayman Islands Middle and High Schools.

He began his financial services career at Highbridge Capital Corporation, going on to work at Harmonic Fund Services as an administrator, providing domestic support services during their Disaster Recovery Programme in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan.

Mr. Basdeo, who was sponsored by Maples and Calder for postgraduate legal study at the College of Law in London, commenced legal training in 2007 with the firm’s asset finance group.

Rotating through the various practice groups, he completed his training in February 2009, doing his final seating in the firm’s litigation department. In his four months with this department, Mr. Basdeo acquired a broad range of commercial litigation experience including corporate restructuring and trust litigation.

Elaborating on his decision to be a litigation lawyer, Mr. Basdeo said, ‘The opportunity to continue with the litigation practice is particularly alluring as it allows me to stay abreast of multiple areas of law, in addition to my specialisation. Litigators also play an integral role in the continuing evolution of Cayman Islands law, a noble aspect which is a source of great pride for me. I am pleased to join Maples and Calder and continue working with such a dynamic practice”.

Justice Henderson advised the new attorney to ‘pace yourself, as it’s a long road ahead.’ He welcomed Mr. Basdeo as a member of an ancient and honourable profession in the Cayman Islands.

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