Bank celebrates founding members

As Cayman National Bank celebrates its 35th Anniversary, the Founding Shareholders of Cayman National were recently recognized in a reception held at the Brasserie Restaurant.

President and CEO of Cayman National Stuart Dack thanked the founding shareholders for their loyalty and support.

‘While the Bank did not set the world on fire in its first year back in 1974, this was deliberate and in line with policy set down from day one that growth would be slow but sure and steady,’ Founder and Director Peter Tomkins said. ‘In fact, the operation made a profit in that first year, even if the sum was only CI$600.’

Local businessmen who subscribed to the establishment of Cayman’s only local bank were: Peter Tomkins, Benson Ebanks, Truman Bodden, Derek Wight, Lawrence Thompson, James Bodden, Richard Arch, Daniel Simmons, Graham Ebanks, Norberg Thompson, Arthur Hunter, Clarence Flowers, Snr., and Bruce Campbell.

Several relatives of the original members attended the reception, including:

Natasha Wight and Joseph Kirkconnell, grandchildren of Mr. Wight; Kevin Parsons, son-in-law of Mr. Arch; Debra Humphreys, daughter of the late Mr. Ebanks; Kel Thompson, son of the late Mr. Thompson; Mary Trumbach, daughter of the late Mr. Bodden; and Dara Flowers-Burke, granddaughter of the late Mr. Flowers Snr.

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